Basic information

Horní Bečva dam – bottom outlet reconstruction

Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2004 — 2006
Customer: Povodí Moravy, state entreprise Metrostav a.s.
Category: Dam engineering, Hydropower, Project management

Technical parametres

Rožnovská Bečva, km 32,10
Dam height 13.7 m
Dam crest length 250 m
Tower structure height 27.8 m from foundation joint
bottom outlets 2x DN 1000
output of SHPP = 16.5 kW


Horní Bečva dam, located in Beskydy mountain range on the upper stream of the Rožnovská Bečva River and built in 1944, is composed of an earth dam with an upstream face clay sealing of a height of 13,7 m and crest length of 250 m. The rehabilitation consisted of a demolition and a design of a completely new tower water intake structure including an access bridge, with two newly installed bottom outlets of DN 1000 and a pair of small turbines of a total output of 16,5 kW at nominal head of 15 m. Documentation for construction permit, contractor choice and implementation to the level of construction supervision.

Responsible for the civil technical design, hydraulic computations, static expert opinion of the suggested design and a regular attendance and supervision of the construction works.