The HYDROPRO Engineering company was founded based on long-term activities in the area of hydroengineering and disposes of rich professional experience. We are capable of managing your project throughout its life from the initial studies until the execution phase. Depending on the respective project, we can play a role of head designer or leading engineer. We are however also a team player, be it in the form of a service or specific component supplier or consultant. Even the most demanding customers coming from private or public sector, including from foreign countries, shall be satisfied by the wide range of our services. The size of the project does not matter for us; we consider each and every project a challenge and an opportunity to apply our experience and learn new one.

Who we are

Our experience

We have gained our experience thanks to long-term activities in leading Czech designer and consultant companies (Povodí Vltavy, Hydroprojekt CZ, Czech Technical University, ČKD Export, Sweco Hydroprojekt), as well as in the academia, and mainly by working on many international projects throughout Europe and worldwide (Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Italy, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, etc.). A proof of our expertise is the membership in the Czech Commission of Large Dams, an authorisation from the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Techniques in the Construction, a doctorate in Hydropower Engineering and Water Management from the Czech Technical University, scientific works and teaching activities (Czech Technical University, Veolia – Institute of Environmental Services, USAID supported hydropower lectures in Pakistan).

We offer water management services for your project in the following specialised fields:

• Hydropower
• Dam engineering
• Flood protection
• Weirs and navigation
• Environmental engineering
• Civil engineering
• Surveys and modelling
• Consultation, expert opinions and PR support

What our focus is

What can we do for you

We are capable of handling the overall management of your project as well as connect and co-ordinate top experts from a wide range of domains. Thanks to our domestic and foreign contacts, we can get Czech as well as international experts into your project and apply state-of-the-art methods and technologies. This also includes specialised activities in the preparation phase (topographical survey, geological survey, simulation mathematical and physical models, specialised computation analyses, etc.).