Basic information

Římov dam – stilling basin repair works

Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2003
Customer: Povodí Vltavy, state entreprise
Category: Dam engineering, Project management

Technical parametres

trapezoidal shape of the stilling basin – trapezoid altitude 37,5 m
trapezoidal shape of the stilling basin – base length 8,0 m and 18,4 m
stilling basin depth – 4 m
baffle blocks – 11 pieces
stilling basin end sill 22 m


The Římov dam was constructed in 1978 in the km 21,85 of the Malše River and is the key dam in Southern Bohemia from the point of view of raw water supply to the agglomeration of České Budějovice and surrounding municipalities. The height of rockfill dam with inner clay sealing is 47,5 m at crest of length of 290 m. After the 2002 flood, the damaged stilling basin of the safety spillway was rehabilitated as well as the tailrace of the conjugated object including inflow bay in the scope of a one-step project. One-step documentation (in the extent of detailed design) and construction supervision during rehabilitation of the stilling basin, baffle blocks and inflow bay at the outlet from bottom outlet to the stilling basin.

Responsible for the technical design including static assessment of the proposed solution. Construction supervision.