Basic information

Flood protection of Prague, Lesser Town and Kampa, phase 0002 part 2 Hergetova cihelna – Kosárkovo nábřeží

Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2002 — 2003
Customer: Magistrát hl. m. Prahy, OMI
Category: Flood protection, Project management

Technical parametres

Nominal flood level – Q2002 (5160 m3/s, that is 190,90 m a.s.l.)
Extent of flood protection – construction object 5 and construction object 6
Length of flood protection line – 177,50 m
Depth of downstream structure – 7,1 m
Height of portable flood barriers – max. 3,3 m


Final phase of implementation documentation preparation from Hergetova cihelna to the Mánesův bridge. Update of the implementation documentation according to the course of flood protection construction works on the left Vltava River bank in Prague. Responsible for elaboration of the drawings in the project documentation and co-operation during the construction.