Basic information

Nyagak HPP

Country: Uganda
Year: 2005 – 2008, 2009
Customer: ŠKODAEXPORT a.s., Fichtner GmbH&Co.KG, PA Export a.s.
Category: Dam engineering, Hydropower, Project management

Technical parametres

Dam height – 20,5 m
Dam length – 120 m
Conduit length – 499 m including 48 m aqueduct
Conduit inner dimensions – 2,0 x 2,0 m
Tunnel length – 131 m
Penstock length – 425 m
Penstock profile – D= 1500 mm (steel)
HPP output – 2x Francis turbine – runner 600 mm
HPP output – 3,5 MW
HPP head – 75,85 m
HPP discharge – 5,5 m3/s


The Nyagak dam and hydropower plant, located on the so-called river in NW Uganda, is a complex hydropower and hydraulic structure. The concrete gravity dam of original designed height of 20 m and crest length of 108 m, reinforced concrete pressure headrace conduit of inner dimensions of 2,0 x 2,0 m, L=599 m incl. an aqueduct of 48 m length following a tunnel of DN 2,0 m and 131 m length. The technical solution of medium-pressure HPP includes a classical surge shaft of inner diameter of DN 3,70 m with a safety spillway, a steel penstock of DN 1,5 m, L=425 m passing through a bifurcation into the HPP control house. With a nominal net head of 75,85 m and 2 installed Francis turbines the maximum generated output is 3,5 MW.

Responsible for the technical design, basic design and detailed design including a detailed hydraulic solution of key objects (bottom outlet, safety spillway with a stilling basin, hydraulic stability of the energetic system, etc.), elaboration of both the drawings and the text part of the project including setting the expected investment parameters, preparation of the input data for hydraulic survey and the subsequent evaluation of suggested construction works, hydroenergetic calculations, technical supervision at the construction site over the topographical and engineering- geological surveys, inspection of the location of interest taking account of wider circumstances and the subsequent operation of the dam, dealing with the Czech client, with the target client (future owner and operator of the dam and the independent technical supervisor (Fichtner).

During the dam construction, shift from the lead designer position (project team) to the Site manager position (realization team). Responsible for the management of construction works of the complex hydropower object (dam, hydropower plant), management of Nyagak dam and HPP construction in Uganda, ensuring material supply in te specific local conditions, co-ordination of all work activities at the construction site, dealing with suppliers and sub-contractors, communication with the customer, regular reporting (both internal, external towards the customer), leading and management of all construction workers, controlling the construction process, quality check anfd technical correctness check, economical and financial management of the construction works, all performed in the specific conditions of Africa.

FIDIC (Red and Silver Books); Construction supervision; Senior Construction Site Manager.