Basic information

SHPP Liběchov – Dolní Beřkovice weir

Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2006, 2008 — 2009
Customer: Mercator s.r.o. Mercator Energy, s.r.o.
Category: Hydropower engineering, Weir construction and navigation, Environmental engineering, Project management

Technical parametres

Turbine set – 1
Turbine type – Kaplan PIT
Diameter of drainage channel – 4500 mm
Nominal head – 2,54 m
Nominal absorption capacity – 100 m3/s
Installed generator output – 2700 kVA


Feasibility study of the optimalisation, elaborated into the level of construction permit documentation of a submerged small hydropower plant Liběchov in the Dolní Beřkovice area on the Labe River. Installed output after the instalation of 6 direct flow Kaplan turbines 6 x 1,12 = 6,72MW with a design absortpion capacity 6 x 52,5 = 315m3/s. An original technical solution submerged under the weir construction with an impact on the adjustment of technical operation solution of the existing weir.

Adjustment of the construction permit documentation with a complete change ot the technical solution (change to the concept of the overflow SHPP to a coastline SHPP) including a design of division into construction phases and the following elaboration of project documentation and tender documentation for constructing the Liběchov SHPP of an output of 2,7 MW with one Kaplan turbine fitted of the PIT type of diameter of drainage channel 4500 mm and design absorption capacity 100 m3/s with a nominal head of 2,54 m. The HPP control room is located on the right river bank ca. 105 m under the weir line.
Responsible for the technical solution design and adjustment of the project documentation, consulting services to the customer, sub-contractor co-ordination, assistance with the preparation of the mathematical and physical modelling of the planned object and project management.