Basic information

Amerika dam, Feasibility study

Year: 2015 — 2016
Customer: Povodí Vltavy, state entreprise
Category: Dam engineering, Flood protection, Environmental engineering, Project management, PR and subsidy support

Technical parametres

Dam type – homogeneous, with lined upstream face
Dam purpose – retention
Dam height – 21,85 m
Dam length at crest – 439 m
Nominal flow flow – Q100 (66.7 m3/s)
Nominal storage volume – W100 (1.75 mil. m3)


Amerika dam, Feasibility Study is a complex project of a new dam constructed on the Klabava River at 37.5 river km approx. 1.25 km after its confluence with the Třítrubecký Stream.

Taking into account the sole purpose – retention – a flood release basin is designed with a dam 21.85 m high and 439 m long at crest. The aim is to fully transform the flood flow Q100 (corresponding to approx. 66.7 m3/s) to a level of harmless runoff from the reservoir (corresponding to approx. 19.4 m3/s). The dam is located in a military area controlled by the Czech Army and a Protected Landscape Area. The significance of the dam was categorised as 2nd degree out of 4 degrees.

Responsible for the detailed water management solution and proposal of technical parameters of the entire dam concept, located in a military area and in a nature protection area Brdy; analysis of the area under the dam in order to determine the harmless runoff, quantification of the transformation impact of a theoretical flooding line in the reservoir using a mathematical model, analysis of the impact of the dam on the flows in the Berounka river, check of the property rights, investment cost estimation and a subsequent economic evaluation of effectiveness and environmental impact assessment. An integral part of the project was negotiation with relevant authorities including Czech Army, detailed definition of the survey works scope for the subsequent project works and project management.