Basic information

SHPP Scotland, location Chesthill

Country: Scotland
Year: 2015 — 2016
Customer: Glen Hydro Limited PPF bank PLC
Category: Hydropower engineering, Project management

Technical parametres

HPP – turbine type Pelton vertical – 2 nozzles
HPP – number of machines – 1
HPP – drainage channel diameter 490 mm
HPP – head 357,4 m
HPP – absorption capacity 115 l/s
HPP – output 300 kW


Within small hydropower plant development in Scotland, a technical-economical assessment at the Due Diligence level was elaborated for the investor as a basis for subsequent negotiation over the co-financing bank loan.

Based on the location inspection and input data analysis, an assessment of the hydrological and geological conditions was performed as well as a detailed assessment of the technical and construction design including a re-evaluation of the main objects, calculation check and determination of the electrical energy production. At the same time, investment and expected operating cost were assessed, the time schedule of the construction was reality checked and potential risks during the construction were defined.

Responsible for project management, location inspection, checking all input data including calculation of individual parameters, technical-economical parameters evaluation, investment and operation cost and construction time schedule.

Subesquently, construction supervision of the hydropower plant included the construction process and approval of the milestones completion for invoicing. The aim was therefore both to check the technical progress of the construction itself (i.e. visiting the location using independent logistics), as well as to check the project agenda (completion certificates, control checks, invoices, etc.). besides the construction progress control in the area of interest, the FAT check of technological equipment was performed at the turbine supplier. The time schedule of construction and the planned hydropower commissioning was regularly updated. After the commissioning, a final check of the hydropower functioning and comparison to the initially guaranteed parameters were performed.

Responsible for the preparation of the quality check reports both from the technical and economical point of view – including regular area inspections, invoice check, completion certificate check, construction time schedule control and other data for comparison of the construction process to assumptions in the EPC contract. Furthermore, responsible for the control of take-over process with the technology suppliers.