Basic information

Flood protection of the CASTS object

Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2014 — 2015
Customer: Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies (CASTS)
Category: Flood protection, Project management

Technical parametres

Locality – Novotného lávka, Praha 1
Nominal flood level – Q2002 (5160 m3/s)
Nominal water level – 189,40 m n.m.
Dammed up area at the upstream side of the object – 5,95 m2
Dammed up area at the downstream side of the object – 39,10 m2
Protected area – 1893 m2


The project solved flood protection of an Old Town dam object at the Vltava River, stretching over 1,893 m2 and located inside the protected area in the historical centre of Prague next to the Charles bridge, which has since 1992 been classified on the UNESCO list. The flood protection was designed as separate flood barriers of individual windows, doors and other openings.

The project included negotiation with the relevant authorities and obtaining their approval of the planned implementation, as well as a subsequent elaboration of one-step project tender documentation (in the extent of detailed design) and implementation documentation.

Responsible for the technical design, definition and supervision of surveying works, negotiating the intent with the customer and especially with the relevant authorities (National Monument Service, etc.), ensuring their approval and the overall project agenda.