Basic information

Establishment of a sustainable system of drinking water supply in small towns of Sidama zone

Country: Ethiopia
Year: 2012
Customer: Ircon s.r.o.
Category: Civil engineering

Technical parametres

Project type – water supply
Number of inhabitants – 24 000
Pipe net – total length 12 132 m
Number of water reservoirs – 2 (100 m3 + 50 m3)
Number of public filling stations – 12


Technical assistance during the construction process of a water distribution system in the Daye town (24 000 inhabitants, approx. 1800 m a.s.l.) consisting of exploitation borehole wells of a depth of 104 m, two reservoir tanks of volume 100 m3 respectively 50 m3, a control room equipped by a pair of pumps of total capacity 13.4 l/s and pump pressure 240 m, 12 water filling stations in the municipality, 12 132 m laid water pipes, 820 m electric cables and a main generator of an output of 80 kW.

Construction supervision and proposal of as-built solution to technical issues directly on site in co-operation with a local construction company on behalf of the main contractor in the assignment.

Responsible for the construction supervision on site, consultation services and recommendation of construction changes and methodic approaches in on of the most remote parts of Ethiopia.