Basic information

Securing the underpass height at the Vltava River waterway – navigation canal Vraňany-Hořín

Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2018
Customer: Pontex spol. s r.o.
Czech Waterway Directorate

Category: Weir construction and navigation, Civil engineering, Flood protection, Project management

Technical parametres

Culvert syphon – DN 1000
Culvert syphon – Design capacity Q2 (1.1 m3/s)
Length of rainwater sewer relaying – 244 m
Inflow from the navigation canal – DN 300
Flood control lock – DN 100


Documentation for implementation of drainge culvert syphon relaying at river km 6,76.
The aim of the project was elaboration of documentation for construction implementation including a detailed budget of relaying of the culvert syphon of a local water stream under the Vraňany – Hořín navigation canal. Taking into account the main parameters of the object ( length of the relaying 244 m, depth under terrain 8.9 m, diameter DN 1000), the technical solution was adjusted in order not to disturb the navigation of the steel pipe 1020×14 with a set of accompanying measures to stabilise the hydrogeological conditions. The technical design took into account the expected enlargement of the navigation canal for navigation of larger ships. An installation of a set of locks allowing the uptake of water from the navigation canal was proposed in order to ensure navigation even at low water regimes.
Responsible for the project documentation elaboration, adjustments to the technical solution against the preceding project documentation, including a detailed budget of the construction and a proposal of consequential impact on the surrounding construction objects.”