Basic information

Feasibility study of a retention reservoir in Lety u Dobřichovic in a locality known as „Waterworks“

Country: Czech republic
Year: 2017
Customer: VAK projekt s.r.o.
Lety municipality

Category: Environmental engineering, Flood protection, Dam engineering, Project management

Technical parametres

Nominal flood volume – 9.2 thousand m3
Nominal soaking area – 1900 m2
Dam height – 4 m


The aim of the Study is to design such solution in a form of a retention basin that minimizes the negative impact of long-term rainfall, accumulation in the given locality and damaging the local agricultural production.

In order to define the hydrological conditions in the remote area, it was necessary to elaborate a precipitation-runoff model, which was subsequently used for defining the main input hydrologic data for the design of the reservoir. The reservoir was designed as a combined retention and recharging basin. In order to define the wider context of rainwater soaking, the outputs of a geological research of the area of interest was used, with a sebsequent definition of the impact on the surrounding built-up area. A part of the technical design of the retention reservoir was the definition of accompanying and induced investment, taking into account the flood management measures of surrounding municipalities, built in parallel.

Responsible for the input data for the precipitation-run-off model, local area inspection to validate the map basis, commissioning the geological research of the area, assessment of flood impact on the object and a subsequent elaboration of the technical design of the retention reservoir. Furthermore, responsible for negotiation with the Lety municipality representatives and presentation of the project to the representatives of the Středočeský region, i.e. the donor of the study.