Basic information

Design and surveying works in the forestal complex owned by the Hostomice municipality with the purpose of creating a set of preventive measures to mitigate the risk of flood and drought

Country: Czech republic
Year: 2017 — 2018
Customer: VAK projekt s.r.o.
Hostomice municipality

Category: Environmental engineering, Flood protection, Project management

Technical parametres

Area od interest – 920 ha
Type of measures – environment friendly (fulfilment of forest function)


Surveying works were carried out on an area of approx. 920 ha with the aim to especially map the flow ow water courses, dikes, culverts, paths of concentrated runoff, water springs, erosion-endangered places, tearings, erosion rills, etc.
Based on the surveying data, design works defined a set of suitable measures to increase water retention in the forest, slow down its runoff and increase its infiltration into groundwater, decrease the sediment take-off, construct small water retention basins and dams on streams, stabilise stream channels, secure the stream nbanks, dam and stabilise gullies, prevent landslides, correct tearings and erosion rills, etc.

A set of construction measures can be characterised as a rehabilitation or reconstruction of existing objects of of forest infrastructure. New objects were designed individually, such as rain barrages that fulfil the conditions of forest functions and water retention on the landscape, or destruction of unofficial forest paths that had originated either through water erosion or during wood logging in the past.

Engineering works in the process of application for construction permit.

Responsible for the area survey, definition and supervision of the surveying works including the in situ works at the location. Furthermore, responsible for the one-step project implementation documentation (in the extent of detailed design) including tender documentation for contractor choice and securing construction permits for several individual objects.