Basic information

Flood protection of Zálezlice municipality

Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2012 — 2014
Customer: Eurovia CS, a.s. Povodí Labe, state entreprise
Kategorie: Flood protection, Environmental engineering, Project management

Technical parametres

Nominal flood level – Q2002 (164,57 m a.s.l.)
Protecting wall construction object 01 – length 1536,65 m
Type of dam dike construction object 01 – homogeneous, earth
Dam dike height construction object 01 – 4,5 m
Underground sealing walls construction object 01- type of clay-concrete wall
Underground sealing walls construction object 01 – length 490 m and depth 4,8 m
Sealing carpet construction object 01 – depth 0,8 m, area 13 230 m2

Closeable culvert construction object 02 – dimensions 2,8 x 4,8 m
Closeable culvert construction object 02 – height 6,6 m
Stop logs construction object 02 – EROX DN 800
Road relaying over the dam construction object 03 – length 110 m
Road relaying over the dam construction object 04 – 110 m


Zálezlice town is one of the symbols of the most devastating flood from August of 2002. The flood barrier is proposed as a homogeneous earth dam dike of a maximum height of 5.35 m with clay-cement cut-off wall into the depth of 4.5 m. The total length of the dam dike is 1536 m. The dam dike also includes the design of two road cross-overs through the municipality, a gated culvert at the crossing of a nameless stream through the dam, a crossing for horses and accompanying environmental compensation measures (210 trees planed). The flood protection design in the inhabited areas included a cross-over of a set of networks including electricity cabling, gas piping and communication cables.

Responsible for the detailed design and supervision during construction period, as-built documentation, negotiation with local authorities and participation of the construction commission, project management.