Basic information

“Construction nr. 6963 „Complete reconstruction and enlargement of the Prague WWTP on Emperor Island“, phase 0008 – compensation measures, final closure of the upper navigation canal Troja”

Country: Czech republic
Year: 2015 — 2016
Customer: Prague City Hall
Category: Weir construction and navigation, Flood protection, Project management

Technical parametres

Weir type – hoist-drop segment
Weir width – 22,5 m
Controlled height – 4,3 m
Maximum height of the object – 12,6 m


Elaboration of project documentation for zoning permission and obtaining the final zoning permission for the „Final closure of the upper navigation canal Troja“.

The construction consists in gating the navigation canal Troja at 3.3 river kilometre as a weir object with a movable spillway crest. The canal closure shall serve to enable discharging flood flows through the Troja navigation channel and Podbaba lock chamber. The weir object has one sluiceway gate on the upper navigation canal. The final lock object shall consist of a concrete lower construction with bank walls and a movable gate lock body. The sluiceway width is 22.5 m; the gate construction height is 4.3 m. The movable construction is designed as a hoist-drop segment.

The project documentation included obtaining the standpoint of all concerned authorities and a subsequent obtaining of the planning permission.

Responsible for the technical solution, co-ordination and management of the work team, supervision during the engineering activities, negotiating the documentation and the project agenda.