Basic information

Provincial Electrification Northern Afghanistan Programme (PENA programme)

Country: Afghanistan
Year: 2010 — 2012
Custome: Fichtner GmbH&Co.KG / KfW Bankengruppe
Category: Hydropower engineering, Weir construction and navigation, Project management, PR and subsidy support

Technical parametres

SHPP Pul-i-Khumri I
Number of turbine sets – 3 (original 1941 – ESCHER WYSS)
Turbine type – vertical Kaplan (K4)
Diameter of drainage channel – 1925 mm
Nominal head – 10.7 m
Nominal absorption capacity – 3x 20 m3/s
Nominal output – 3x 1,6 MW

Pul-i-Khumri weir
Weir type – gated weir (roller gates)
Number of sluice openings – 4
Width of sluice openings – 10 m
Weir width – 65 m
Weir height – 19 m (above footing bottom)

SHPP Pul-i-Khumri II
Number of turbine sets – 3 (original 1960 – UZGM)
Turbine type – vertical Kaplan (K6)
Diameter of drainage channel – 2500 mm
Nominal head – 18.4 m
Nominal absorption capacity – 3x 20 m3/s
Nominal output – 3x 3,25 MW


Field work in the area of interest and tender documentation for the project of reconstruction of two hydropower plants in the Pul-i-Khumri area within an extensive PENA project (Provincial Electrification of Northern Afghanistan).

The area research and surveying works on two hydropower plants, weir construction and feeding channel was conducted on behalf of the main contractor Fichtner in the capital town of the Baghlan province (Pul-i-Khumri town) in the Northern Afghanistan. The two hydropower plants are fitted with three Kaplan turbines of an output of 3×1,6 MW (German technology from 1943) or 3×3,5 MW (Russian technology from 1962). The weir construction consists of 4 slide gates, each of a width of 10 m. The total width of the weir is 63 m and height of 7 m.

Responsible for the local area research and collection of input data, leading the survey works on the spot, reporting on the rehabilitation including a detailed description of the content of works neessary for the rehabilitation and serving as the input data for tender documentation. Moreover, responsible for elaborating the tender documentation including the construction, electrical, mechanical and hydromechanical parts including drawings and detailed technical specifications according to FIDIC Yellow book, leading the negotiations with and presenting outputs both to the local customer (Ministry of Energy and Water) and the main donor of the project (KfW) and the project leader (Fichtner), negotiating the project intention and organisation with the representatives of the local Shura with the presence of Wulusvala, co-ordination with the security guards – both Afghani and international – internal co-oridnation between the German, Swiss and Czech working group, leading an extensive project team, compiling the PR materials, overall project management including economical aspects etc. International financing (KfW).